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Evil Does Not Wear a Bonnet!

Pet's Revenge

Blood Vengeance!
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look what my stupid owner made me put on
Some pets are cute. Some pets are ugly. Some pets are just kinda...eh. All pets suffer from whatever indiginities their owners choose to visit upon them. Truth to tell, the owners are extremely unaware of the hardships they place upon their little fluffy family members.

There's something of a language barrier.

If you were wondering what the purpose of this community is, it is to post pictures of pets that have been subjected to the greatest horror that any pet owner could possibly deliver upon them. Animal clothing! See, most animals come with fur and are therefore not needing added items put on them, with the understandable exception of a collar, to stay warm. Worse still, their owners don't put clothes on them to make them warmer...

...it's to make them look cute!

Which comes to the next point. This community is not just about animals in clothing. This community is for posting pics of pets that look extremely unhappy in whatever cute little number their owners have put them in. Not just a little peeved but like they want to commit blood vengeance on their owners.

Hence the community's name.

So, post pics of pets in costumes looking all sorts of desiring to hurt their owner for the outfit they've been put in. You ahould not post pics of pets actually taking revenge on their owners...that would just be weird.

Also, furries don't count. They can dress themselves!

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